Why Does My Breath Smell Bad?

Bad breath can be embarrassing and also troubling. If bad breath is persistent, it can also be a sign of a dental problem, like gingivitis or a cavity. If you have bad breath, it’s important to find out why. Your dentist in St. Cloud, MN, may be able to help, depending on the cause. It is important to know the reason for your bad breath and what you can do about it.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Many things can cause bad breath, and for many people, the cause of bad breath isn’t just one thing. Some of the causes of bad breath include:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits. Cleaning your teeth regularly helps eliminate food and bacteria that cause bad breath. If you’re not cleaning your teeth frequently enough or well enough, you may experience bad breath.
  • Dry mouth. Saliva helps clean the teeth and wash away food and bacteria. If you have a dry mouth, whether because of the medication you’re taking or a medical condition that you have, you may experience dry mouth that causes bad breath.
  • Smoking. Smoking impacts the way your breath smells. It can also cause dry mouth and put you at risk for periodontal disease, which also causes bad breath.
  • The food you eat. Some foods get into the bloodstream and then cause bad breath. Onions and garlic are good examples of this.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease is a condition caused by inflammation and infection of the gums. Gum disease can lead to bad breath that doesn’t go away, even after brushing.
  • Cavities and tooth infection. Cavities and tooth infections can lead to the regular presence of bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath odors.

What Can I Do About Bad Breath?

If you have bad breath that won’t go away when you brush your teeth, try noticing what you’re eating and when that corresponds to the food you’re ingesting.

If there seems to be no relationship between the food you eat and when the bad breath happens, and if brushing your teeth can’t resolve the problem, it’s time to see a dentist for a dental cleaning in St. Cloud, MN. The professionals at Friesz Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are here to help. Call today.

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