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St. Cloud Cavity and Fillings Specialists

Local Cavity Repair and Dental Fillings

We understand that sometimes cavities happen. Here at Friesz Family Dentistry, we work hard to dispel your dentistry fears and provide you tooth pain relief and repair. It’s our goal to keep you informed, which is why we’ll explain a little bit more about cavities so you can better understand your treatment. Throughout St. Cloud, Sartell, and the surrounding areas, we are your trusted family dentist! We provide safe, compassionate care for all your dental needs.

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Cavity Filling Procedure

Despite what you may think, man-made fillings are not costly and can look natural. Cavity fillings are a routine and straightforward process that takes place in our office, all while being extremely affordable. The process involves numbing your teeth and gums to minimize or completely remove, followed by drilling out the tooth decay. After the decay is cleared away, we fill your tooth and finish the procedure.

Is Filling Cavities Necessary?

If you find yourself suffering from tooth pain, there’s a good chance that it could be due to damage from tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by plaque in your mouth. Left untreated, plaque produces bacteria and acid that eats away at your teeth. Over time, the bacteria will work away at your tooth structure, which can cause tooth decay, cavities, or even dental caries. If this is the case, your cavity dentist will need to fill the cavity to restore your tooth back to its normal function and shape. While many parts of the body can repair themselves, such as new cells being created if you break a bone, your teeth do not have this same function. It’s important that you repair and fill your teeth as soon as possible because cavities can cause an excruciating amount of pain over time. If you believe you may be suffering from a tooth cavity and need cavity fillings, contact our dental office immediately. We also recommend you come in for a regular appointment to ensure we catch cavities before they become a problem.

Get More Dental Filling Options with Dr. Friesz

Nowadays, the fillings used are made to be discreet and subtle. We can fill your cavity with a tooth-colored filling, so your smile looks seamless and natural. We offer a few different filling options, ranging from metals to ceramic to glass ionomer. The two most common fillings are amalgam and composite. Amalgam fillings have been used and well-researched for over a century. They’re made from many different metallic elements, which means that it’s fairly noticeable when you smile. For many years, amalgam/metal fillings were the only choice. If you, like millions of other Americans, still have those old, more noticeable metal fillings, we can replace them with a new tooth-colored composite filling. The ingredients are mixed and then placed directly into your cavity and last up to 10 years. With our thorough cavity filling options, you’ll be able to smile with confidence! Get tooth pain relief today and call us for more information on cavity fillings!

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