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General Family and Cosmetic Dental Services in St. Cloud, Minnesota

People approach dental care in a number of ways; reactive, proactive, comprehensive and everything in between. At the office of Jason L. Friesz, DDS – Friesz Family Dentistry; our approach to our dental services is inclusive, minimally invasive and forward-thinking. We use technology that is appropriate and effective. Unlike many other dental practices, we only recommend advanced treatments when they are truly necessary and in your best interest. Our patients are like family, we wouldn’t make a recommendation for you that we wouldn’t make for ourselves or our loved ones. Join our family today by filling out some of our new patient forms to make your first time visiting our a fast, and smooth experience.

Patient’s First

Want to know what other patients from around St. Cloud and neighboring communities have to say about our dental services before your appointment? Friesz Family Dentistry makes it easy to find real-life client testimonials as well as gives you an inside look at our office to help you feel at home long before you even get directions and hit the road.

Your input is always welcome and invaluable to our dental hygienists and dentist. Please let us know how we’re doing, how much your oral hygiene or discomfort has improved, or if there is anything else we can do to make your visit more enjoyable. No matter what your oral health condition, our dentist, and team of dental professionals are committed to delivering consistent and considerate dentistry. After all, an excellent smile bolstered by our dental services can reveal an even greater you!

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