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Family Dentists in St. Cloud, MN

Quality Dental Care in a Comforting Environment

Dental care shouldn’t be scary. At Friesz Family Dentistry, we’re committed to providing top-quality dental health services while promoting a comfortable and friendly environment. We understand people of all ages struggle with coming into the dentist’s office, but we’re here to make your experience a positive one. Located in St. Cloud, MN, we’re proud to help improve our community’s health and confidence. Our team is highly trained to provide a vast array of services, from fillings to dental implants. Whether you’re looking for a new dentist or you’re already a patient, we’re excited to serve you.


Come See Us for a Variety of Dental Services

We believe comprehensive dental care is crucial to continued oral health. As such, we offer all the services you need in one place. Learn more about some of our most requested services:

  • Dental Evaluations: Make sure to schedule a dental evaluation at least twice a year! At Friesz Family Dentistry, you can get a thorough diagnostic evaluation as well as plenty of hygiene tips to try out at home.
  • Dental Implants: Are you interested in affordable dental implants? Our team is here to answer your questions about this restorative option. We’ll tell you all you need to know about the dental implant cost, procedure, and more.
  • Crowns & Bridges: Our dental crowns and bridges not only give your teeth an improved appearance but also make fragile teeth stronger! Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about crowns & bridges.
  • SureSmile: SureSmile allows precise alignment of your teeth in a short period, through the use of imaging software to design the aligners. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the process!
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Choose from a variety of cosmetic procedures to increase confidence in your appearance. We provide fillings, crowns porcelain veneers and/or implant prosthesis.
  • Root Canals: The root canal procedure often gets a reputation for being long and painful. Good news—root canals are rarely any more painful than a routine cleaning. Our team would be glad to put your fears about this procedure to rest.


We Strive to Be an Affordable Dentist

It’s no secret that healthcare and dental care can quickly get expensive. At Friesz Family Dentistry, we think dental care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we make every effort to keep our prices reasonable and give you as many payment choices as possible. Whether you’re concerned about the cost of dental implants or root canal treatment, we’d be glad to explore financing options. Take advantage of the following cost-saving measures:

  • Financing: If you have any concerns about the payment process, our team is here to discuss our financing options and will walk you through credit card processing and insurances. We accept Visa and Master cards, as well as most forms of dental insurance. To make things as easy as possible for you, we take care of almost all the paperwork. (Disclaimer: We do not provide in-office payment plans. In-house extended credits are not available.)
  • Gift Cards: Give the gift of a stunning smile. When you refer a friend to our office, they can receive a $35 credit. The best part? You’ll also get a $20 gift card! (Disclaimer: Please call our office for more details.)
Dr. Jason Friesz

Meet Our Dentist

Our dentist, Dr. Jason Friesz, is glad to serve the St. Cloud community with top-notch dental care. While Dr. Friesz didn’t always know he wanted to be a dentist, he did know that he wanted to help people. He took his first steps in dental care thanks to his wife, who introduced him to others in the field. Today, Dr. Friesz holds degrees from the University of North Dakota and the University of Minnesota and enjoys membership to several professional organizations.

Helping St. Cloud Families Embrace Their Smiles

Dr. Friesz and his team take your comfort seriously. We’re incredibly proud to have created a caring atmosphere for adults and children alike. Our team is well-aware of the anxiety surrounding dental visits, and we’re glad to talk you through your uneasiness. We’ll listen to your concerns and develop a personalized care plan according to your needs. Allow us to help you improve your dental health and boost your confidence along with it!


Schedule Your Dentist Appointment Today

Whether you want to know more about the types of dental implants or SureSmile, Friesz Family Dentistry is here for you. Our dentist and his team are proud to serve the friendly community of St. Cloud, MN, and we’d love to meet you. No matter when your last dentist appointment was, you deserve optimal oral health. We’ll never make you feel ashamed of your current hygiene, and instead, we’ll give you the tools to improve it. Contact us today to make your appointment.

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