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Denture Alternative and Permanent Tooth Replacement in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Professional Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can lead to declining overall dental health. Over time, teeth near the missing tooth begin to wear down, causing the bone structure of your jaw to weaken and shrink. Not only is missing teeth a dental issue but it can contribute to our patients feeling less confident about their smile. If you are looking for replacement teeth in the St Cloud, Minnesota area, visit Friesz Family Dentistry today. We coordinate your teeth replacement treatments with an area oral surgeon. Speak with our knowledgeable family dentist to learn more about our teeth replacement options for renewed jaw health, function, and a gorgeous smile.

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Regain Confidence with Realistic Replacement Teeth!

You don’t have to feel alone when looking for faux teeth or alternative dentures. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss. Whether from decay, injury, or periodontal disease, you are not alone. With advances in technology, dental implants are now available here in Saint Cloud, instead of just bridges or dentures. Dental implants have many advantages, including looking and feeling just like your own teeth. If you have dentures that don’t fit will, a dental implant procedure will help you speak and eat with less worry. Our dental implants help improve your oral health and self-esteem, as well as provide improved comfort over removable dentures.

About Dental Implant Procedures

Essentially, the implant is a replacement tooth root, providing a durable foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth. These substitute teeth are made to match your natural teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. We replace your missing teeth with lifelike replacements that can last as long as a lifetime. The implant itself is a tiny titanium post that acts as a tooth root. These incredibly durable posts are planted into your jaw, and the bone is allowed to heal and harden around the post, a process that takes around six to 12 weeks. Once your implant is secure, we install a customized crown that mimics the surrounding teeth, ensuring a flawless smile. While success rates vary based on your jaw, implants generally have a success rate of up to 98%.

To schedule an appointment at our St. Cloud dentist’s office, contact us at 320-253-1370 today.

After your implant, you will be able to smile with pride knowing you have a beautiful, full set of teeth. Implants can also be used for securing dentures or bridges. If you’re a denture-wearer who is tired of dealing with messy adhesives or ineffective, loose dentures, implant anchors may be a life-changing solution. Another advantage of our dental implants is that, unlike tooth-supported bridges, implants don’t require further tooth extraction. If you are healthy enough for a routine dental extraction or oral surgery, then you likely qualify for dental implants. Speak to our family dentist in St. Cloud to learn more today.

DISCLAIMER: Dental implant can fail if periodantal problems occur or bone loss becomes excessive

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