Adjusting to New Dentures: 3 Steps for Success

When you opt for dentures in St. Cloud, MN to restore your smile, this is an effective and efficient choice. However, new dentures do require a brief period of adjustment. The closer you follow the dentist’s recommendations during the adjustment period, the quicker you will get accustomed to your new teeth. Check out a few tips for success to get you started.

1. Wear the dentures as much as possible

The dentures will initially feel out of place in your mouth. You may feel like your mouth is full, or it is harder to move your jaws to speak and chew. However, the more you can withstand wearing your dentures, the faster they will start to feel more like they belong. Do what you can to keep the dentures in place. Taking a break periodically is OK, but be sure not to leave the teeth out of your mouth for long periods.

2. Practice speaking with your new dentures

Speaking with dentures can take a little time to get accustomed to, but don’t get disheartened. You may even feel like your jaws have to work a little harder. With a little practice, your voice should start to sound normal, and the dentures should move with your jaws when you form words. Don’t hesitate to practice speaking several times a day. Grab a book and read it aloud to yourself. Carry on a conversation with a loved one over the phone.

3. Practice chewing small bites

Even though dentures restore some of your chewing power, no one starts out eating as they once did with new dentures. To avoid getting choked and to get used to chewing, eat foods that are relatively easy to chew. Practice by taking smaller bites and focusing on using the teeth to grind the food in your mouth. If eating something especially chewy, such as a piece of meat or raw vegetables, take tiny bites at first to get used to how the teeth work.

Find Out More About Dentures in St. Cloud, MN

When you work with an experienced dentist in St. Cloud, MN to get your new dentures, they will patiently help you through the process. Are you ready to discuss dentures to restore your smile? Reach out to us at Friesz Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

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