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Staying Safe During Your Root Canal Treatment

At Friesz Family Dentistry, our goal is to ensure each patient’s safety. Many people are concerned about the root canal procedure. They may have heard it can result in infection or causes extreme pain. However, neither of these statements are really true. Root canals are a safe procedure, and our St. Cloud, MN dental professionals want to put your mind at ease. Learn more about root canal therapy and safety measures that go along with it.

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Root Canals Explained

What does root canal therapy involve? While many people have lots of apprehension surrounding the procedure, it’s less complicated than you may think. The purpose of a root canal is simply to remove the infected pulp from the inside of a tooth. This prevents reinfection and allows you to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible. Once your dentist has removed the pulp, the cavity is refilled with tooth-colored material and sealed. The end result looks just like a real tooth, and no one will ever know the difference!

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

We recommend endodontics and root canals when the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected. The resulting inflammation can cause significant discomfort and further dental problems down the road, such as an abscess. The signs of needing a root canal are usually clear. If you’re experiencing extreme pain or sensitivity while eating, swollen gums, chipped teeth, or darkening of the gums, you should see a root canal specialist right away. The team at Friesz Family Dentistry is happy to consult with you and discuss the next steps.

What Safety Measures Do You Take?

In almost all cases, root canal therapy is very safe. Modern research shows that the procedure is not linked to any more severe conditions such as heart disease or further infection. At Friesz Family Dentistry, we strive to make you feel as comfortable with the procedure as possible. We educate every patient on the root canal process to ensure peace of mind. Patients always have the freedom to opt-out of a root canal if they’re hesitant about undergoing the procedure.

How Do I Care for My Teeth After a Root Canal?

Caring for your teeth after a root canal is relatively simple. While you may experience some initial discomfort, over-the-counter pain medications should alleviate any pain. To ensure proper recovery, stay away from crunchy foods, and don’t chew on the affected tooth. Going forward, you’ll likely have to avoid biting down hard on the affected tooth even after it heals to prevent another break.

Be Aware of Potential Risks

The biggest risk associated with root canal therapy is a failure. Root canal failure refers to any time when the affected tooth becomes reinfected and could impact the health of surrounding teeth. In some instances, a root canal can fail and not give you the results you expect. Root canal failure can happen for numerous reasons. The canals may not have been cleaned thoroughly enough, or the crown may break down over time.

Why Choose Us

People from St. Cloud, MN and beyond choose Friesz Family Dentistry for quality dental care. Whether you need a root canal or just a regular cleaning, we’re here for you. We care for you and your family and foster a warm, inviting atmosphere. We understand many people have a fear of the dentist, but our commitment to individual attention and compassionate staff go a long way to reducing anxiety. Our highly qualified team is ready to help you. Contact us today to set up your next appointment with us.

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