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Dispelling Common Myths About Root Canals

Root canals and root canal pain are commonly associated. However, this is one of many myths surrounding this tooth-saving treatment option. As advanced dental care professionals, the team at Friesz Family Dentistry feels it’s our responsibility to make sure you have the facts about root canals. In truth, they aren’t the scary, painful procedures they’re often made out to be. At our St. Cloud, MN dental clinic, we strive to make endodontic therapy as comfortable as possible. We use anesthetic and adhere to all safety measures. We make sure our patients are educated on the procedure and understand all their options before making a decision. Below, you’ll find some common myths about root canals you need to know. We also refer some teeth for root canal treatment with local specialists as necessary.

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Myth 1: Root Canal Treatment Is Painful

Most people have a notion that root canal treatment is incredibly uncomfortable. However, many of these people have never undergone the procedure themselves. Many dental services involve a little discomfort, and root canals are no exception. Nevertheless, with the help of anesthetic and sedation dentistry, few patients experience pain during the procedure. Most report that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than a filling. While root canal therapy might result in some temporary tooth sensitivity, the discomfort is undoubtedly more manageable than the pain associated with leaving the infected tooth unchecked. In almost every case, root canal treatment doesn’t cause additional pain; instead, the procedure alleviates it. Feel free to talk to our team about any further concerns or apprehension about the procedure.

Myth 3: Root Canal Treatment Can Cause Illness

Some internet sources will tell you that root canals can cause illness. However, this myth was based on century-old research that was debunked long ago. Today, we know there is no scientific evidence for root canal therapy resulting in further illness. With proper dental care, the procedure actually eliminates much of the bacteria associated with infection. The end result is a healthier mouth, not a higher risk for disease or more severe conditions.

Myth 4: Extraction Is a Good Alternative

Although tooth extraction is necessary in some cases, there’s no real replacement for a natural tooth. Tooth extraction can actually introduce more bacteria into the body, worsening the problem caused by the infected tooth. After a tooth extraction, your dental health services provider will likely recommend a dental implant, bridge, or denture to fill the empty space. Even though these restorations appear natural in most cases, nothing looks quite like the original. Plus, restorations such as dental implants are very expensive and take months to complete. Root canal therapy is often preferable to tooth extraction.

Reach Out to Our Team for More Information

The team at Friesz Family Dentistry is dedicated to creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for all our patients. We work with people of all ages and hope to make their experience at the dentist a positive one. Our team is highly-qualified to provide complete dental care, everything from root canal therapy to fillings to cleanings. If you would like to find out more about root canal treatments or think you may need one, contact us to set up an appointment.

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