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Dental Crowns and Bridges in St. Cloud, MN

If you have severely damaged teeth or are missing a tooth, dental crowns or dental bridges may be right for you. Part of our restorative and cosmetic dentistry services at Friesz Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, dental bridges and crowns offer ways to improve both the appearance and function of your teeth, filling in gaps and covering damaged teeth with more functional and beautiful caps.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns and bridges, simply come in for a diagnostic dental evaluation to assess the health of your teeth and determine the best method for achieving improved oral health and a more beautiful smile.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over damaged teeth to restore their function and appearance. While we often treat minor tooth decay and cavities with simple dental fillings, there are times when decay or other damage to a tooth requires a crown to better protect it from further damage. Some common situations when crowns are needed include:

  • Protecting a tooth that’s weak from decay or cracks
  • Restoring a broken or worn-down tooth
  • Improving the appearance of a damaged tooth
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Holding a dental bridge in place
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Crown Placement Process

Our team uses crowns made from porcelain, gold, or acrylic resin, depending on the location of the tooth, the best clinical outcome, and your aesthetic goals. While gold crowns are typically the strongest and hold up best over time, options like porcelain or acrylic resin offer a closer resemblance to your natural teeth, making them the often-preferred choice for more visible teeth.

During the crown placement process, we first examine the tooth and prepare it to fit the crown. We thoroughly clean out any decay in the tooth, potentially performing root canal therapy if there is significant risk of infection. We then file the tooth down to make room for the crown to fit on top of the tooth, taking a mold of the reshaped tooth to use in forming the crown. Between the first and second visits, you will have a temporary crown in place to protect the reshaped tooth and maintain your comfort.

During your second visit, we will then remove the temporary crown and place the new, permanent crown, cementing it in place. You will then be able to treat the new crown just like your other teeth, eating, talking, and smiling with ease.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are replacement teeth that are used to bridge gaps in your mouth created by missing teeth. Unlike dental implants, which are installed directly in your jaw bone, dental bridges work by forming a bridge connected to the teeth on either side of the gap. Each of the adjacent teeth are capped with a crown, which is then attached to the false tooth or teeth that fill the gap.

The process for fitting dental bridges is similar to that for dental crowns, requiring a first visit to repair the abutment teeth and take impressions and a second visit to fit the dental bridge in place. We then typically check and adjust the dental bridge over several visits to ensure it fits your mouth properly before cementing it into place.

While many people opt for dental bridges to improve the appearance of their smile, there are many additional reasons why dental bridges are important, including:

  • Improving your ability to speak and eat
  • Maintaining the shape of your face
  • Keeping surrounding teeth in place
  • Protecting your jaw and other teeth from damage

For more information on dental bridges and crowns, call today.

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