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Stained Tooth Cleaning & Oral Bleaching Treatments in St. Cloud, MN

Teeth Whitening Dentistry

Teeth can darken over time, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Being able to smile confidently and without shame is important, which is why at Friesz Family Dentistry, we offer safe, inexpensive solutions to brighten your smile. Whether you are in St. Cloud, Waite Park, or one of the surrounding areas, you can call Dr. Friesz for all of your teeth whitening needs. Dental bleaching treatments are very simple and provide results fast.

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What Is Tooth Bleaching?

Teeth bleaching treatments in Saint Cloud, Minnesota will lighten your teeth and remove stains as well as general discoloration. One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures in the country, teeth bleaching treatments and services will provide drastic results for how your teeth look.

The color of your teeth is created by the scattering of light off the enamel, as well as the color of the dentin underneath. Enamel thickness varies based on genes. The thinner your enamel, the easier it is to see the dentin’s color. If it’s smooth or rough, it will affect the color as well. A thin coating forms on your enamel and picks up stains, which can happen for various reasons, including tobacco use, improper oral hygiene, or consumption of darker-colored liquids (red wine, coffee, Coca-Cola, etc.). Finally, age can also play a role in thinning enamel that causes the dentin to darken. The reason that led to your teeth changing color doesn’t matter — our products work on a wide variety of surfaces and stains.

Why Choose Friesz for Your Tooth Whitening and Bleaching Services?

We offer take-home smile whitening kits to patients in St. Cloud and surrounding communities including Waite Park. These DIY dental bleaching packs are available in either full or partial arch custom bleach trays to help your smile shine. Our whitening kits work more effectively than those sold over the counter. They have been proven to improve the color of your teeth quickly and effectively. Before your teeth are whitened, it’s important to make sure that other dental problems have been taken care of. This can include treating and filling cavities, one of the services we offer. Since whitening products can penetrate decaying areas and reach the inner tooth, cavity fillings will prevent these issues. Finally, if you want to bleach your teeth, it will not work on ceramic and porcelain crowns or veneers.

If you want a teeth cleaning and examination prior to starting your bleach treatment – whitening procedure, you can schedule an appointment at Friesz Family Dentistry. We will then give you the whitening kits with the gel you need to use. Make sure to closely follow all instructions and directions given to avoid damage. You may need to re-whiten your teeth overtime at home.

For more information about our teeth bleaching treatments in St Cloud get in touch with us today. Your radiant smile awaits!

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